The FABIKE C2 frame set

Created in the spirit of innovation.


The FABIKE C2 frame set

Created in the spirit of innovation.

The FABIKE C2 frame set is the first step in creating the cycling experience you've always wanted. Our mission is to introduce a new category into the bicycle market. The frame set can be configured into a road bike, an urban bike, an off-road bike and more, without compromising on sleek Italian design, the latest technology and lightweight materials.
We think of the FABIKE as an uncompromising way to effortlessly design your own ride, and we believe that the future of cycling is flexibility.


Frame: FABIKE Frame, Toray T800 carbon fiber
Fork: FABIKE Fork, Toray T800 carbon fiber
Head set: FABIKE headset 1-1/8" 1-1/2"
Seat post diameter: 31,6mm
Bottom bracket: Press Fit 30
Brakes: optional, Aero V-Brake or Flat Mount Disc Brakes
Shifting: mechanical or electronic.
Weight (complete frame set): 1.6 Kg

The FABIKE frame set is available in 5 different sizes and 5 colors. The color chosen will also affect the color of the sliding dropouts, the three-dimensional logo on the head tube, the headset and the seat clamp.




The FABIKE dropouts have been redesigned in an all-new way. This innovation allows you to switch from 120mm to 130/135mm rear-hub spacing, giving you the flexibility to mount either a single-speed or cassette hub (with or without disc brake) onto the frame. Our dropouts also utilize a sliding vertical insertion, allowing you to mount the rear wheel as easily as on a regular road frame. This can be done without a chain tensioner, should you decide to use your bike as a single-speed. Horizontal movement is regulated and restricted by a micro-adjustment which ensures a constant and stable tensioning. The FABIKE dropouts use the new Shimano Flat Mount standard for disc brakes, and are also belt-drive ready.

More Clearance

The FABIKE fork, chain-stay and seat-stay are designed as a compromise between a road bike and a cyclocross bike.
At first glance, it can be difficult to spot the differences between the FABIKE and a standard road bike, both in terms of look, and weight.
A closer inspection reveals that the FABIKE frame set is able to welcome a much larger tire than a standard road bike, up to a maximum size of 700x35mm. This means that the FABIKE can ensure an easy and comfortable ride, regardless of the surface you’re riding on.

Internal cable routing

The FABIKE frame features fully-internal cable routing. This means that even in the bottom bracket area, the cables always stay inside the frame. This is more than just an aesthetic choice, as the cables will be protected from the elements, allowing the bike to perform better in all conditions.


IMPORTANT: The value “H” represents the maximum depth that the seat post can go inside the frame. Forcing the seat post passed the maximum depth may cause damage to the frame.

IMPORTANT: The value “H” represents the maximum depth that the seat post can go inside the frame. Forcing the seat post passed the maximum depth may cause damage to the frame.

Price in Euro 2.390

price in USD 2,490

The price includes: frame, fork, brakes, headset, seat clamp, and all the spare parts needed to create every possible configuration.

If you have a custom build in mind, we'd be happy to discuss it and do our best to make it happen!


The Components

Another essential part of a great cycling experience.


The Components

Another essential part of a great cycling experience.

Disc brake Wheelset

The new FABIKE Disc Brake wheel sets are suitable both for road and off-road use thank to the wider rims. 

Front wheel: 24 spokes straight pull
Rear wheel: 28 spokes straight pull
External rim width: 23mm
Internal rim width: 19mm
Rims hight: 23mm
Wheel set weight: 1,440g

Front wheel: 24 spokes straight pull
Rear wheel: 28 spokes straight pull
External rim width: 26mm
Internal rim width: 18.3mm
Rims hight: 30mm
Wheel set weight: 1,490g

Nipples can be ordered in the standard FABIKE colors: red, yellow, green, blue and black.

euro 559(A) - 1.390(c)
USD 599(A) - 1.490(c)


Our hub has been designed as an updated fixed/free-wheel hub. The improvement comes from the inclusion of an internal free-wheel on the free-wheel side. On both the fixed-wheel and free-wheel side, the same sprocket (with a nine spline standard) can be used. This saves on weight, and also allows for greater ease of use.

Material: alloy 7075-T6 axle, alloy 6061-T6 body
Spacing: 120mm
Chainline: 42mm (on both sides)
Drilling: 32h
Weight: 270g

The FABIKE flip-flop hub comes in white, with the same 5 color options for the washer bolts: red, yellow, green, blue and black.

euro 159
USD 179

CCS Chainring

The FABIKE CCS Chainring has been engineered as a single front chainring. The difference from a standard chainring is our "Corrective Chainline System".

Our chainring is designed to "move" the chainline of a standard double road crankset towards the center. The result is much better alignment between the single chainring and the sprocket/cassette.

Material: alloy 7075-T6, CNC machined
Number of teeth: 46
Chainline offset: 3.5 mm
BCD: 130mm
Weight: 75g

euro 79
USD 89


Brake Levers

The FABIKE brake levers are "three finger" levers with an extremely minimalist look. They are also reversible, which means that each lever can be used on either the left or right side.

Material: alloy 6061-T6, CNC machined
Clamp diameter: 22.2mm or 31.8mm
Weight: 35g/lever (22.2mm clamp)

euro 59
USD 69

Note: the price is meant per single lever.


The FABIKE brakes we made to perfectly fit the FABIKE fork and chainstay. They are placed at the back of the fork and on the underside of the bottom bracket area. They have the braking power of traditional V-brakes, but are more aerodynamic and are consistent with the minimal design of the FABIKE.

Material: alloy 7075-T6, CNC machined
Weight: 150g per wheel

euro 129
USD 139

Note: the price is meant per single brake.



Italian design, international team.



Italian design, international team.

The FABIKE project started in 2011. The founder of the company and driving force behind the FABIKE brand is Fabio Putzolu. He comes from a family with a long tradition in cycling and grew up around passionate cyclists. In fact, the real inspiration of the FABIKE project is Fabio's uncle Antonino, who in the early 50's was already spreading the cycling passion in Sardinia - Italy.

For many years Fabio studied and worked in design and advertising, and is thrilled to combine so many of his passions under one roof. After many developments, three prototypes, and countless sleepless nights over two years, the FABIKE was ready to hit the road. As the project grew and developed, Jake and Alexey joined the team, bringing a wealth of diverse experience. In August 2013 the FABIKE was officially presented to the public at Eurobike, the largest cycling trade show in the world.

Since then, we have continued to work passionately, improving our product day after day, spreading our vision of what a modern bicycle could be, worldwide.

We strongly believe the future of cycling is flexibility, and we welcome you to join us on our journey.


Fabio Putzolu

Chief Designer

Living in Prague/Shanghai

Jake Zahradnik

Sales Director
Western Region

Living in Prague

Alexey Statsenko

Sales Director
Eastern Region

Living in Prague

Matteo Putzolu

Financial Director

Living in Vienna

Beppe Piras

Urban Mobility Consultant

Living in Italy



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Let us know what you think.

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